Softcopy of MOVs are Accepted (R.A. 8792) for Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form (IPCRF)

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With the end of the School Year Review in season, the Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form (IPCRF) is in-demand. This form needs Means of Verifications (MOVs) upon submission. But all will be a lot easier and more efficient if these are submitted in softcopy(ies) [R.A. 8792].

According to Republic Act 8792 also known as Electronic Commerce Act of 2000:

This Act shall apply to any kind of data message and electronic document used in the context of commercial and non-commercial activities to include domestic and international dealings, transactions, arrangements, agreements contracts and exchanges and storage of information.

Section 4: Sphere of Application, R.A. 8972

This includes all electronic copies (softcopies) of MOVs on the Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form.

We were able to understand this notion when our developer made a Facebook Post on softcopies for MOVs. Mr. Dexter Pante made a comment on this thread. For specific portions, the post is seen as below:

The post was pertaining to a Memo from Region 4A which supplemented the use of e-copies on MOVs. Many regions and School Division Offices aren’t practicing this and are strictly imposing hard copies only. To which Mr. Dexter Pante whom he met last October at a workshop with the Central Office mentioned:

Mr. D. Pante again reiterated that there’s no need for a DepEd Memo or DepEd Order to supplement this since a Republic Act is stronger. Logically, this reason is valid and acceptable. And as such, we strongly advise all other offices and DepEd Personnel to accept and practice softcopies for MOVs. This is for efficiency and savings on your Schools’ MOOE on the use of paper.

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