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The Integrated School Forms is designed by a public school teacher. Currently, he is affiliated with Schools Division Office of Davao City – Learning Resources Management and Development Center (LRMDS), situated in the heart of Davao City, Region XI.

Originally for private use only, the Integrated School Forms was created out of plain curiousity. During the release of the Modified School Forms of the Department of Education, there has been many issues with the first implementation of the forms. Primarily, the School Forms 2, 3 and 5. During such time, the author of this ISF got very frustrated with the templates especially that it has been designed within the format of MS Excel 2007. The consideration that there has been issues with the forms that couldn’t be dealt with online, teachers have to manually change the generated froms from the LIS website. Such that advisers have to manually edit 4 different forms in order for the reports to be correct. If a certain class would need to edit 20 students, and that there are 4 forms to accomplish, the adviser would repeat it for at least 80 times. This lead to the creation of the Integrated School Forms which was primarily dedicated to address the issues of LIS School Forms during its early stages. Since our author also has been using automated templates for class records and other paper reports, he has opted to merge all these different forms for the advisers to accomplish in one single file, hence, The Integrated School Forms.

The author of the Integrated School Forms is Sir Wedzmer B. Munjilul. Also a member of the DepEd Standard Electronic Class Record Planning Team who designed the Official DepEd ECR. He is also an ALIVE (Arabic Language and Islamic Values Education) Teacher with the Regional Pilot School of the said program.

As of writing, he is completing his thesis for his Master’s Degree in Educational Management at the University of SouthEastern Philippines on A Proposed Study: ALIVE Reading Intervention. This website, his YouTube and Facebook page are all taken cared of as much spare time he has. Functions with the ISF templates are all originally coded by our author along with the Macro functions.

If you wish to contact us, you may contact us personally through our upcoming ISF Forum which will be available soon or through his Facebook, YouTube and Gmail Accounts.

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