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  1. What is the Integrated School Forms?

The Integrated School Forms which I designed a month prior the Beginning of the School Year 2013-2014 was originally meant for school use only. The project template which I endorsed in our school is to cater an automated School Form 1 (School Register), School Form 2 (Report on Daily Attendance), School Form 3 (Reports on Books Issued and Returned) and School Form 5 (Reports on Student Promotion). The MS Excel template is Macro-based under Binary File Sheet, published on YouTube along with the instructional video in order that the Public School Teachers’ work in accomplishing the said reports be a lot easier and efficient. Through time, the Integrated School Forms (ISF) incorporated more templates and worksheets.

  1. What are the MS Excel Versions that are capable of adopting the ISF?

As of current date, the ISF V.5 can be used by all MS Excel software from 2010 and up. MS Excel 2003 and below could not read the Binary worksheet since it has been set obsolete by the company itself such that it is not anymore available in the market.

  1. What is a Binary Worksheet MS Excel?

A “Binary Worksheet MS Excel” is an MS Excel File Type output which is commonly used to render large coded files and compress it to load faster than an ordinary macro-based template. It is compatible in all MS Excel worksheet PC/Laptop applications only since the automated template uses macro-coding which is not available for Smart Phones or Tablets to use. However, if the Tablet uses Windows Operating System like Windows Chrome PC Tablets, the ISF works like the usual PC and Laptop applications.

  1. Does the ISF produce credible tested formula for use?

The Integrated School Forms V.2 which garnered more than ten-thousand YouTube views and one-thousand downloads since 2013 was the reason why we were invited by the DepEd Central Office to participate in the Consultative Meeting for the design of the Official Electronic Class Record which was released on June 2015. Yours truly, was the quality checker and part-contributor of the EClass Record which is now released for teachers’ use nationwide.

  1. Does the ISF provide easily printable materials for reporting?

The ISF is designed to produce standard A4 size printed materials which is the same official paper size by the LIS School Forms and E-Class Record. No need to change the layout or print orientation and settings since the ISF is premade and preformatted before the release.

  1. Where do I download the files?

The files can be downloaded from our public online storage. Each storage has been backed-up with another web storage in order to keep the files accessible anytime. Though we keep the files in the internet using URL’s in order to generate a small portion of income through web ads.

  1. What is a website, and why am I directed to a advertisement when clicking download?

Every time you try to download the file, since it has been uploaded on a public storage away from our google drive account, we have opted to use a shortening of URL through an ad generating website. Let the advertisement finish loading for 5 seconds, on the upper right, you will see the SKIP AD button which when clicked will redirect you to the file in order to download.

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