DepED: Service Marks & Visual Identity

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04 NOV 2019

No. 031 s. 2019


  1. The Department of Education (DepEd) has developed the Department of Education Service Marks and Visual Identity Manual (DSMVIM), 2018 Edition. It contains guidelines on the specification and applications of the Department’s name, seal, and logo to produce a unified look in all DepEd communications and publications.
  2. The DSMVIM contains standard designs and application of the Department’s service marks. Specifically, this Manual will serve as reference for the DepEd officials, personnel, and employees on the style and usage of the Department’s name, seal and logo. It will also be useful for those involved in the production of official forms, publications, and advocacy materials in communication, multimedia and graphic creative solutions intended to enhance the Department’s strategic priorities.
  3. DepEd Order (DO) No. 69, s. 2003 titled DepEd Logocontains the purpose of using the official logo in school bulletin boards, publications, reports, circulars, T-shirts designed for printing, and stationaries. It also specifies other colors of the logo, which conform with the official colors of the Philippine Flag, as per Republic Act No. 8491, otherwise known as the Flag Heraldic Code of the Philippines. Therefore, the official colors of the logo prescribed in the Manual shall be adopted and followed accordingly.
  4. The features and colors of the DepEd seal and other provisions as described in DO 63, s. 2011 titled Department of Education (DepEd) Sealshall remain and shall be used and applied in all relevant DepEd standard templates and official documents, as specified in the Manual.
  5. The manual is provided in Enclosure No. 1 and Enclosure No. 2 contains the Guidelines on the Use of the DSMVIM.
  6. All provisions set in the Manual shall be followed by DepEd officials and personnel at the central, regional, schools divisions, district offices, and schools.
  7. The Department shall protect and safeguard the integrity of its official visual marks suach as official name, seal and logo. DepEd shall also guard the use of these marks against commercialization by unscrupulous entities.
  8. This Department shall initiate administrative disciplinary action and other legal remedies against anyone found responsible for violating any provisions in this Order.
  9. Guidelines stipulated in the Manual shall remain in force and in effect, unless repealed, amended, or rescinded.
  10. This order shall take effect upon its approval. However, the regional, schools division, and district offices, as well as public schools, may still use the remaining copies of their current letterheads, certificates, report forms, and other educational materials with the Department’s official name, seal and logo until the end of the School Year 2019-2020.
  11. For more information, please send an email at [email protected]or contact he Public Affairs Service-Publications Division, Ground Floor Aguinaldo Building, Motorpool Area, Department of Educaiton Central Office, DepEd Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City at telephone no. (02) 633-9341.
  12. Immediate dissemination of and strict compliance with this Order is directed.



            DepEd Order: Nos. 69, s. 2003; 63 s. 2011; and 36, s. 2013

Download this DepEd Order Here

Highlights of this DepEd Order:

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Public school teachers to receive World Teachers’ Day Incentive Benefit

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The Department of Education (DepEd) will give the World Teachers ‘ Day Incentive Benefit (WTDIB) to all public school teachers who are in duty in the Department as from 30 September 2019, to express its appreciation for the hard work and dedication to building and nurturing the future leaders and country makers of the country.

Each licensed teacher of the public school shall be provided the WTDIB in the sum of P1000, not before 5 October of this year. This support was created possible by the DepEd Special provisions no. 12 in accordance with Republic Act no. 11260 (General Appropriations of the Fiscal Year 2019 or “A Law Appropriating Funds from 1 January to 29 January and other purposes to operate in accordance with the Government of the Republic of the Philippines).

Public school teachers who are subject to any of these conditions are not qualified for the WTDIB:

  • Those without leaver (AWOL) are absent from 30 September 2019;
  • Those who have ceased to work by 30 September 2019;
  • Those convicted of any crime related to their job during the period from 30 September 2018 to 30 September 2019; and
  • Those who are employed after 30, 2019.

The WTDIB grant forms part of DepEd’s commitment to constantly seeking, developing and implementing methods of improving the social welfare of its staff and in particular educators for their invaluable job and practice.

The efforts are in accordance with DepEd Order No. 26, 2019 sequence of guideline and are available online at: https:/ s2019-026.pdf.

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Teacher Excellence and Recognition

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Education Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones stressed the significance to recognize teachers for their attempts and sacrifices during the “Teacher Excellence – A closer look at the Global Teacher Prize,” organized by Quezon City Memorial Circle on 16 September. Educational Secretary Leonor Magtolis.

Briones discussed the likelihood of competing at global and local contests, such as the Global Teacher Prize (GTP) and the Metrobank Foundation, before respondents from the Central, Regional and School Division, departments and colleges of DepEd.

Naisip ko madami naman tayong teacher na kayang-kaya mag-qualify. Madami naman tayong teacher na magagaling, nag-i-innovate, na naghihirap, na nagsa-sacrifice, walang complaint kung saan man sila naka-assign at saka nagsisilbi sa mga komunidad. At hindi lang iyon, nag-iisip sila ng mga panibagong paraan upang ma-reach anglearners,”

Sec. L. Briones

Organized by the ICO, the forum was designed to encourage GTP Ambassador Advocates in education to exchange know-how, learning methods, methods and assistance schemes with varied learners in education.

The aims of the forum were to increase involvement in GTP and other contests; show best learning methods and to develop the teacher portfolio; share creative approaches to problems relating to schooling; and familiarize themselves with GTP winners and recipients.

The GTP emphasizes the significance and the worldwide recognition of teachers and celebration of their attempts. It also seeks to recognize the effect on its learners and on its societies of the finest educators.

“We must acknowledge excellence and promote it. Those that do stuff, those that innovate, and those that leave the box must be recognized, “added Briones.

Since GTP’s opening in 2015, only four Philippine educators have reached the last top 50.

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Consolidate Report Files into One without Copy-Pasting

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In order to consolidate report files into one without copy-pasting is very easy. In fact, I’ve been using this trick ever since I was tasked to summarize the reports of 600+ schools in our city.

Imagine handling more than 600 files and coming up with a single report to explain the data. This task would normally take weeks or even months to accomplish.

But if all the files are available and are ready for consolidating, this would only take me a day to finish. This includes finalizing a chart dashboard report that is both flashy and corporate looking.

I’ve uploaded a YouTube video tutorial to explain this trick in the simplest manner. You can find the video below and see how fast I can consolidate 40 files into one.

The VBA Codes I use for this trick is available below. Since our website restricts copy-pasting due Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), a download link is provided for all of you by clicking here.

Sub GetSheets()
 'Code Print
 'ref Integrated School Forms 2019
 Path = ""
 FileName = Dir(Path & "*.xlsx")
 Do While FileName <> ""
 Workbooks.Open FileName:=Path & FileName, ReadOnly:=True
 For Each Sheet In ActiveWorkbook.Sheets
 Sheet.Copy After:=ThisWorkbook.Sheets(1)
 Next Sheet
 FileName = Dir()
 End Sub

If you have any other questions or comments regarding this Consolidate Report Files trick, then please write your comments below.

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Buwan ng Wika Theme 2019

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Buwan ng Wika (Language Month) is celebrated in the Philippines every month of August. This year’s Theme is Wikang Katutubo: Tungo sa Isang Bansang Filipino.

With DepEd Memorandum 094 s. 2019, the department reiterates the following key objectives for Buwan ng Wika celebration:

  1. ganap na maipatupad ang Pampanguluhang Proklamasyon Blg. 1041 s. 1997;
  2. mahikayat ang iba’t ibang ahensiyang pampahalaan at pampribado na makiisa sa mga programang tulad nito na nagpapataas ng kamalayang pangwika at sibiko; at
  3. maganyak ang mga mamayang FIlipino na pahalagahan ang wikang pambansa sa pamamagitan ng aktibong pakikilahok sa mga gawain kaugnay ng Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa.

Banner for tarpaulin printing can be used as below:

To download the DepEd Memorandum, click here.

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Policy Guidelines on Official Mobile Phones, Postpaid Lines & Prepaid Loads

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The Department of Education has released DO 017 s. 2019 also known as Guidelines on the Provision and Use of Official Mobile Phones, Postpaid Lines and Prepaid Loans. This DepEd Order can be downloaded here, published last 18 July 2019.

The use of ICT equipment such as mobile phones is essential in carrying out the diverse tasks and responsibilities in workplaces especially in DepEd. Mobile phones complemented with provision on postpaid lines and prepaid loads allow the DepEd officials and other personnel concerned to have immediate communication with clients and stakeholders, and enable them to respond to time-sensitive issues and concerns.

This policy aims to rationalize and regulate the provision and use of mobile phones, postpaid lines and prepaid loads for authorized regular DepEd officials and personnel concerned at the Central Office, Regional offices, Schools Division Offices and public schools.

  1. This provision shall not be treated as allowance, but as an expense subject to reimbursement or liquidation procedure requiring submission of the corresponding billing statements and/or official receipts.
  2. The postpaid line and prepaid load shall be provided to officials, and to other personnel holding regular positions in the DepEd agency staffing pattern who have been duly designated by the competent authorities to perform the duties and responsibilities as Officers-in-Charge of such positions.
  3. The authorized/eligible recipients and their maximum monthly provision for the postpaid line and prepaid load are as follows:
Central OfficeOffice and PositionMonthly Ceiling (Php)
Assistant Secretary5,000.00
Director IV4,000.00
Director III3,000.00
Division Chief2,500.00
Assistant Division Chief1,000.00
Allowable provision for the staff of the Office of the Secretary – Proper5,000.00
Allowable provision for the staff of the Office of the Undersecretary3,000.00
Allowable provision for the staff of the Office of the Assistant Secretary2,000.00
Allowable provision for the staff of the Office of the Director1,000.00
Regional OfficeRegional Director (RD)4,000.00
Assistant Regional Director3,000.00
Division Chiefs2,500.00
Education Program Supervisor500.00
Allowable provision for other RO personnel authorized by the RD8,000.00
School Division OfficeSchool Division Superintendent3,000.00
Assistant School Division Superintendent2,500.00
Division Chief2,000.00
Education Program Supervisor500.00
Public Schools District Supervisor500.00
School Head/Principal300.00
Allowable provision for other SDO personnel authorized by the SDS8,000.00

Upkeep of Mobile Phone Units

  1. The eligible recipient shall exercise due care in the use of the DepEd-issued mobile phone unit.
  2. In cases where the unit needs to be repaired, the official or personnel concerned shall directly proceed to the service provider for the repair of the unit.
  3. All expenses for the repair and maintenance of the DepEd-procured and issued mobile phone unit that are not covered by the warranty shall be on personal account of the eligible recipient.
  4. Disposal of DepEd-issued mobile phones shall follow the guideline and procedures in disposing unserviceable equipment.

Source of Fund

The amounts required for payment of postpaid line and prepaid load under this Order shall be taken from the General Administrative Support Service (GASS)-MOOE appropriations/budget of the Central Office, Regional Offices, School Division Offices and schools, and from other available legal sources, subject to availability of funds and in compliance with existing budgeting, accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

Download the Memo Here

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Policies on Selection/Appointment and Transfer/Reassignment of Regional Officials

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DECS Order No. 07 s. 1999 also known as Policies on Selection/Appointment and Transfer/Reassignment of DECS Regional Officials is now amended. The release of DepEd Order 016 s. 2019 amended the policy with:

“There shall be a simultaneous transfer/reassignment of Regional Directors (RDs), Assistant Regional Directors (ARDs), Schools Division Superintendents (SDSs), and Assistant Schools Division Superintendents (ASDSs) once every three (3) years.”

Item Number 1.3 is hereby amended to read as follows:

1.3 Under exceptional circumstances, particularly in the exigency of the service, and subject to the discretion of the Secretary, the tenure of service of RDs and ARDs in a given station may be shortened or extended beyond what is stated in this Order”.

Further, this amendment is pursuant to the authority of supervision and control of the Department vested in the Secretary by the Administrative Code of 1987 and by RA No. 9155 entitled Governance of Basic Education Act of 2001.

In case of vacancies to due to promotion, retirement, resignation, dismissal from service, or death of a third level official, the provision in DO 87 s. 1998 entitled Designating Officers-In-Charge as Schools Division Superintendents and Assistant Schools Division Superintendents shall apply, to wit:

2. To strengthen further the effectiveness of school officials and to avoid delays and disruptions in the daily operations, the Regional Directors are hereby requested to submit their nominees to be designated as Officer-In-Charge to vacant SDS and ASDS positions in their respective areas of responsibility, for approval by the Secretary, in the meantime that the search is going on. This is being done so as not to create leadership vacuum in those areas where the vacancy exists.

Download DepEd order 016 s. 2019 here.

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2019 Nutrition Month Celebration: DM 082 s. 2019

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DepEd released DM 082 s. 2019 also known as the 2019 Nutrition Month Celebration. Dated 08 July 2019, this year’s theme is Kumain ng wasto at maging aktibo… push natin ‘to!

Furthermore, the 2019 Nutrition Month Celebration aims to promote:

  1. consumption of healthy food and drinks,
  2. eating and choosing healthy choices regularly,
  3. making healthy eating habit and lifestyle, and
  4. being active and exercising daily.

Consequently, to support this developmental endeavour of the National Nutritional Council, DepEd enjoins all schools to participate in this celebration. However, schools must observe the Engaged Time-on-Task Policy of the department be observed.

On the other hand, if you wish to download the Memorandum and the tarpaulin design:

Download Memo Here
Download Image Here

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International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

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By resolution 42/112 of 7 December 1987, the General Assembly decided to observe 26 June as the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking as an expression of its determination to strengthen action and cooperation to achieve the goal of an international society free of drug abuse.

Supported each year by individuals, communities and various organisations all over the world, this global observance aims to raise awareness of the major problem that illicit drugs represent to society.

In support thereof, DepEd Released DM 078 s. 2019. The Memorandum is as stated below and can be downloaded through the link mentioned.

DepEd Memo 078 s. 2019:

  1. Pursuant to the United Nations declaration dated 7 December 1987 and Presidential Proclamation No. 264, the Dangerous Drugs Board will spearhead the observance of the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (IDADAIT) 2019 on June 26, 2019 with the theme Katarungan Para sa Kalusugan, Kalusugan Para sa Katarungan.
  2. The program for the national celebration will be held on June 22, 2019, 2:00 P.M. at the Vista mall Open Parking, Balanga, Bataan. Part of the IDADAIT celebration will be a fun run and Rakrakan Against Drugs, a free rock concert featuring local bands.
  3. The IDADAIT is an annual event observed by United Nations-member countries as an expression of their determination to strengthen action and cooperation to achieve the goal of an international society free of illegal drugs and drugs abuse.
  4. Office of the Department of Education in the central, regional and schools division offices, as well as schools, are encouraged to promote the event through the following:
    • Putting-up of streamers/banners in strategic areas;
    • Posting of the event and its them in electronic billboards, if any; and
    • Participation of staff to the IDADAIT program.
  5. For more information, please contact the Dangerous Drugs Board through Mr. Rex P. Cammayo through email at [email protected] or mobile phone no. 0939-204-8258 and Ms. Liane Angelica M. Kalacas through email [email protected] or mobile phone no. 0923-204-8258.
  6. Immediate dissemination of this Memorandum is desired.


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Department of Education 121st Foundation Day Celebration

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  1. The Department of Education (DepEd) announces the celebration of DepEd’s 121st Foundation Day with the theme – DepEd Para sa Pilipino – on June 21, 2019
  2. The celebration is pursuant to Administrative Order No. 322 s. 1997 issued by the former President Fidel V. Ramos that recognizes June 23, 1898as the Foundation Day of the Department.
  3. To promote the public awareness of this event, the DepEd Central Office enjoins all personnel, offices, and officials at the regional, schools division offices, and schools to:
    • Produce Information and Communication Materials by
      • Hanging of DepEd’s 121st Foundation Day official streamer in all offices and schools, and
      • Wearing of blue shirts/polo/blouses on June 21, 2019in support of the celebration nationwide.
    • Participate in DepEd’s Online Celebration by
      • Partnering with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts and the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) for the return of the opera show entitled Noli Me Tangere, The Opera Touch Me Notat theCCP which shall be attended by selected teachers and learners on June 21, 2019, and DepEd officials and staff on June 22, 2019;
      • Announcing all offices and schools to include DepEd’s 121st Foundation Day announcement in their respective Flag Raising Ceremonies on June 17, 2019; and
      • Encouraging all offices and schools to organize their own activities following this year’s them — DepEd Para sa Pilipino on June 21, 2019.
  4. Expenses related to DepEd’s 121st Foundation Day shall be charged to local funds, subject to its availability and the usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations.
  5. The copy of the tarpaulin or streamer and cover photo can be accessed through the link:
  6. For more information, please contact Ms. Bless Valdez, Employee Welfare Division-Bureau of Human Resource and Organizational Development, Mabini, Building Department of Education Central Office, DepEd Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City through email at [email protected] or at telephone no. (02) 632-0260.
  7. Immediate dissemination of this Memorandum is desired.

Memo can be downloaded directly here: DM 077 s. 2019

Tarpaulin Design is found below:

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