Temporary Report Card for Kindergarten (Annex 4.3) FREE Download

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The Temporary Report Card for Kindergarten (Annex 4.3) free template can be downloaded from two (2) separate links.

  1. The first link is for every user, regardless of being a DepEd public school teacher or not. It is not saved on the DepEd G-Drive server, thus, anyone can access it after clicking the alternate link.
  2. The second link is exclusive for all DepEd Public School Teachers with DepEd Email addresses and are logged-in on the server. If you are a public school teacher and isn’t logged-in, you will not access the file, it is better to use the first option.

This Temporary Report Card for Kindergarten (Annex 4.3) is an attachment of DepEd Order 3 s. 2018 also known as Basic Education Enrollment Policy of 2018. However, this template is coded with automated formats. One distinct feature of this file is that – you can choose – whether you are using English or Filipino as means of reporting the document. We have translated the Progress Report Card into English and Filipino in this MS Excel File. Along with that, the original Temporary Progress Report Card for Kindergarten is four (4) pages long, but we have reduced it into two (2) pages. You can reduce it even more if you choose to print it back-to-back.

With one click of a button, you can choose whether you are going to print English Temporary Progress Report or Filipino Temporary Progress Report.

To download the file, please follow the instructions below:

Temporary Progress Report for Kindergarten (Universal Link)

Temporary Progress Report for Kindergarten (G-Drive DepEd Registered ONLY)

We also published an editable format of Annex 1 and Annex 3 which you can download on our articles here:

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Automated School Form 8: Learners Basic Health and Nutritional Report

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Update as of 06/23/2018:

Issues with Epson Printers to generate blank pages has been solved. Now the file has been repaired to be compatible with all common printers (HP, Epson, Brother, and ComColor)

Update as of 01/25/2018:

Updated the SF8 with VBA Codes to cater Junior High School and Senior High School students above the age of 19. The new template can now determine the Body Mass Index (BMI) status and Height-for-Age Result for adult learners.

Update as of 12/05/2017:

Provided a new file for the SF8 using VBA codes which has a HIDE and UN-HIDE Button similar to the our other project templates.

UPDATE: as of 12/04/2017

Provided a back up link for those who were unable to access the original downloadable URL due to congestion.

With the release of DepEd Order no. 58 s. 2017, new School Forms for Kinder to SHS including ALS has been released. The Integrated School Forms developer was part of the team who designed the basic templates which are released in the new DepEd Order. As such, all basic templates which are now downloadable through the LIS Support Tab and DepEd Resources tabs are not automated. So we would like to introduce to you the New School Form 8 which is fully automated.

Automated SF8 without MACRO-VBA Codes:


back up file can be downloaded: SF8 Backup link

Automated SF8 with MACRO-VBA Codes:


back up file can be downloaded: SF8-Macro Coded link

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