FREE Automated Phil-IRI Form 1A and 1B

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This free Automated Phil-IRI Form 1A and 1B is our response to the tedious tasks underscored with this program. DepEd Order 14 s.2018 may have revised the Phil-IRI process but it did not take into consideration its tediousness.

What is the Phil-IRI Form 1A and 1B

The Free Automated Phil-IRI Form 1A and 1B are the forms needed to accomplish after conducting the Group Screening Test. Furthermore, the Phil-IRI GST is important in order to determine a whole class’ reading level, and identify particular students who may need more assistance in performing reading tasks.

In other words, it can tell teachers whether students are reading at, above, or below their grade levels.

In addition to that, the Phil-IRI Group Screening Test (GST) is a silently-administered test in both Filipino and English. Each tool is composed of a 20-item comprehension test based on a set of leveled passages for each grade level. The GST covers Grades 3 to 6 in Filipino and Grades 4 to 6 in English. The passages were written and selected based on concept load, level of vocabulary used, sentence complexity, nature of themes and cohesion.

1) Phil-IRI Form 1A: Talaan ng Pangkatang Pagtatasa ng Klase (PPK) sa Phil-IRI

The Phil-IRI Form 1A is for the GST in Filipino. The objectives of completing and submitting this form include the following to:

  1. identify the types of questions(literal, inferential or critical) that each child can answer;
  2. classify the students that are recommended for administration of the Phil-IRI tests,
  3. capture the reading performance of the class, thus design appropriate classroom instruction. This form includes the class list, the itemized scores of the students according to the types of questions answered, and their total score.

2) Phil-IRI Form 1B: Summary of the Phil-IRI Group Screening Test Class ReadingRecord (CRR)

This form has the same content and objectives as the Phil-IRI Form 1A. Phil-IRI Form 1B is for the GST in English.

Video tutorial on how to use Automated Phil-IRI 1A and 1B

Download Automated Phil-IRI Form 1A and 1B Here

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Complete List of Phil-IRI Passages, Word Count & Teacher’s Copy Pages

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With the release of DepEd Order 14 s. 2018 also known as the Revised Philippine Informal Reading Inventory (Phil-IRI) 2018, DepEd Central Office’s TLD-BLD uploaded the 2018 Manual at the LRMDS Portal. If you still haven’t downloaded a copy of this manual, you can check our post here with the download link. As for those who already browsed the Manual, we have filtered some problems we saw in the lists of passages.

  1. All Individual Graded Passages (Stage 2) available in English does not have any word count (number of words per passage). Which means, the teacher will have to manually count all the words in each passage in order to proceed with the computation and interpretation of results along with the reporting of forms.
  2. Filipino Individual Graded Passages (Stage 2) has some word counts, but not all.
  3. Set A of Filipino Pretest, Level 1 selection entitled “Ang Daga” is not available and unfortunately, only one passage per level per set.

That is why, we in the Integrated School Forms, decided to post the set of files which has the complete list of Phil-IRI Passages; Per Set, Per Level, for Pre and Posttest, with complete number of words per selection and number of questions. We will also indicate the pages of these sets for Student’s Copy and Teacher’s Copy for easier location.

The list of selections (passages), levels, word count and number of questions are as follows:

Filipino Pretest Set A

LevelSeleksyonBilang ng SalitaBilang ng mga Tanong
1Ang DagaN/A5
2Si Mila715
3Magpapalipad Tayo ng Saranggola936
4Isang Pangrap1287
5Tagtuyot Dala ng El Niño1717
6Buhayin ang Kabundukan1998
7Pagpapala sa Pangingisda2418
Student's Copy: Page 78 to 94
Teacher's Copy: Page 149 to 166

Filipino Pretest Set B

LevelSeleksyonBilang ng SalitaBilang ng mga Tanong
1Sa Lawa365
2Si Dilis at Si Pating745
3Maliit na Duhat, Malaking Pakwan916
4Parol sa May Bintana1307
5Pista ng Bulaklak1697
6Ang Puerto Princesa Underground River1978
7Ang Kasaysayan ng Tacloban2378
Student's Copy: Page 96 to 112
Teacher's Copy: Page 168 to 184

Filipino Pretest Set C

LevelSeleksyonBilang ng SalitaBilang ng mga Tanong
1Ang Mesa ni Lupe435
2Gitara ni Lana715
3Ang Matalinong Bulate896
4Bakasyon ni Herber1387
5Biyaya ng Bulkan1747
6Kalabanin ang Dengue2028
7Pagsalungat ni Macario Sakay2448
Student's Copy: Page 113 to 130
Teacher's Copy: Page 185 to 202

Filipino Pretest Set D

LevelSeleksyonBilang ng SalitaBilang ng mga Tanong
1Sako ni Rita425
2Ang Ibon ni Islaw695
3Laruang Dyip926
4Galing sa Japan1347
5Ama ng Wikang Pambansa1677
6Puno Pa Rin ng Buhay2098
7Talambuhay ni Benigno Aquino Jr2328
Student's Copy: Page 131 to 148
Teacher's Copy: Page 204 to 220

Filipino Posttest Set A

LevelSeleksyonBilang ng SalitaBilang ng mga Tanong
1Laro Tayo!385
2Ang Punong Narra715
3Magtulungan Tayo896
4Bote Dyaryo1387
6Si Jose Rizal sa Dapitan2018
Student's Copy: Page 225 to 241
Teacher's Copy: Page 297 to 313

Filipino Posttest Set B

LevelSeleksyonBilang ng SalitaBilang ng mga Tanong
1Ano ang Nasa Mesa355
2Ang Mangga695
3Sabado na naman916
4Kay Daming Gawain1307
5May Magagawa ba sa Isang Tambak na Basura?1707
6Mga Makabagong Bayani2018
Student's Copy: Page 243 to 259
Teacher's Copy: Page 314 to 331

Filipino Posttest Set C

LevelSeleksyonBilang ng SalitaBilang ng mga Tanong
1Ang Papaya at Kamote435
2Laging Handa655
3Si Paruparo at Atlitaptap896
4Pahiyas Festival1347
5Pagpapa-unlad ng Kultura1717
6Alamin ang Iyong Karapatan2028
Student's Copy: Page 261 to 277
Teacher's Copy: Page 333 to 349

Filipino Pretest Set D

LevelSeleksyonBilang ng SalitaBilang ng mga Tanong
1Sa Sapa405
2Papasok na si Nilo655
3Ang Asong Gubat906
4Ang Kakaibang Mundo1327
Student's Copy: Page 278 to 295
Teacher's Copy: Page 351 to 367

English Pretest Set A

LevelSelectionWord CountNumber of Questions
2Pam's Cat355
3Summer Fun576
4Get Up, Jacky676
5Frog's Lunch1017
7Dark Chocolate1528
Student's Copy: Page 372 to 386
Teacher's Copy: Page 435 to 450

English Pretest Set B

LevelSelectionWord CountNumber of Questions
2A Hot Day375
3A Rainy Day666
4Waiting for the Peddler697
5The Cow and the Carabao1527
Student's Copy: Page 388 to 401
Teacher's Copy: Page 452 to 466

English Pretest Set C

LevelSelectionWord CountNumber of Questions
2Al's Bag285
3Ben's Store576
4Anansi's Web867
5Pedrito's Snack1447
6Effects of Anger1628
Student's Copy: Page 404 to 418
Teacher's Copy: Page 468 to 482

English Pretest Set D

LevelSelectionWord CountNumber of Questions
2Net Takes a Nap275
3Waiting for Her Sister586
4Wake Up!807
5Amy's Good Deed1067
Student's Copy: Page 420 to 434
Teacher's Copy: Page 484 to 498

English Posttest Set A

LevelSelectionWord CountNumber of Questions
2The Bib335
3The Egg on the Grass546
4The Tricycle Man776
5The Snail with the Biggest House967
6Rockes from Outer Space1378
Student's Copy: Page 503 to 516
Teacher's Copy: Page 565 to 578

English Pretest Set B

LevelSelectionWord CountNumber of Questions
2Bam and Tagpi355
3The Caps and the Kittens596
4Cat and Mouse807
5The Great Runner947
7The Brain1608
Student's Copy: Page 518 to 531
Teacher's Copy: Page 580 to 593

English Posttest Set C

LevelSelectionWord CountNumber of Questions
3A Happy Place556
4Marian's Experiment807
5Trading Places997
6Just How Fast1418
7Air Currents1538
Student's Copy: Page 533 to 547
Teacher's Copy: Page 595 to 609

English Pretest Set D

LevelSelectionWord CountNumber of Questions
2Where the Pets Sat375
3In the Park586
4On Market Day807
5The Legend of the Firefly1007
6Flying Rocks1398
Student's Copy: Page 549 to 563
Teacher's Copy: Page 611 to 625


For those who will be conducting an orientation of the Revised Phil-IRI, I’m sharing to you the Powerpoint Presentation I used during our Division Wide workshop on this new guidelines. I hope you like it.


The presentation below is just a preview, there will be some changes once you present it using your Powerpoint Application since the animations will work automatically.

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Revised Phil-IRI Guidelines (DepEd Order 14 s. 2018) with FREE Templates

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The Philippine Informal Reading Inventory (Phil-IRI) which was first launched more than five-years ago (click here to view previous Phil-IRI conduct) under the initiative of the Bureau of Learning Delivery has released a revised guidelines and manual for the administering procedures, including the conduct of assessment of Phil-IRI. These guidelines which are enclosed within DepEd Order 14 s. 2018Policy Guidelines on the Administration of the Revised Philippine Informal Reading Inventory.

In summary, the new guidelines included a new Diagnostic Assessment which is called Group Screening Test (GST). All of those who failed the GST – which is a pen and paper test – will be the only ones to undergo the Phil-IRI procedures. This includes Oral and Silent Reading for English and Filipino. The Revised Guidelines also introduced Phil-IRI for Grade 2 – Filipino which was not the case previously. To learn more about these procedures, you can download the Revised Phil-IRI Manual through the LRMDS Portal or via clicking the link here.

And as usual, we in the Integrated School Forms always aims to make the teachers’ tasks a lot easier so we opted to make the Phil-IRI Templates automated, easy to print and stand-alone files.

Phil-IRI Form 1A (Group Screening Test Record)

Phil-IRI Form 1A is classified into two (2) reports; English and Filipino. Below, you can download these two forms in one single file.


Phil-IRI Form 2 (School Reading Profile/Talaan ng Paaralan sa Pagbabasa)

Phil-IRI Form 2 is an automated single sheet School Reading Profile which automatically adds new rows depending on the number of sections available on each grade level. The file also has English and Filipino templates summary for the school reading profile.


Phil-IRI Form 3A and Phil-IRI Form 3B (Grade Level Passage Rating Sheet)

Phil-IRI Form 3A and 3B are included in a single file excel template. Known as the Grade Level Passage Rating Sheet in English and Markahang Papel ng Panggradong Lebel na Teksto in Filipino. The template is automated to compute the Reading Level for your students, all you need to do is to indicate the scores of your learners in the areas marked red.


Phil-IRI Form 4 (Individual Summary Record)

Phil-IRI Form 4 is another automated template which computes the word reading and comprehension of your learner. Like the Automated Phil-IRI Form3A and 3B above, you only need to indicate the data to the areas marked red.


We already edited the Answer Sheets needed in the conduct of the Revised Phil-IRI which you can download individually depending on the Grade Level you are handling.

  1. Phil-IRI Answer Sheet in Filipino (Grade 2): Appendix F1A Download Link
  2. Phil-IRI Answer Sheet in English and Filipino (Grade 3) Appendix F2A & F2B Download Link
  3. Phil-IRI Answer Sheet in English and Filipino (Grade 4) Appendix F3A & F3B Download Link
  4. Phil-IRI Answer Sheet in English and Filipino (Grade 5) Appendix F4A & F4B Download Link
  5. Phil-IRI Answer Sheet in English and Filipino (Grade 6) Appendix F4A & F4B Download Link
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Download: Integrated School Forms Version 5

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After the Regional ICT Summit and as we represented the Schools Division of Davao City in the entry for ICT Innovation in Governance, we would like to present to you the Integrated School Forms Version 5.0.

The file can be downloaded by clicking here.

backup link in case the first is not working by clicking here.

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DOWNLOAD: Automated Phil-IRI Template (Silent & Oral) English and Filipino for Pre and Post Tests

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UPDATE as of May 23, 2018:
The template below will be considered as obsolete and for benchmarking or research citation reference only. There is a new DepEd Policy that Revised the Phil-IRI conduct on all Public Elementary Schools. You can click here for more info and the new FREE downloadables for this policy.

This is a stand alone excel file which was separated from the Integrated School Forms version 5. Originally in version 4 of the iSF, the Phil-IRI template is merged within the file, but due to the delay of publication of the 5th version, we have decided to upload the Phil-IRI Template as a stand alone template.

The instructions for accomplishing the file is already available inside the template, should you have any more concerns, questions or any clarifications about the template, please drop us a comment below.


backup link is at available here in case the file can’t be accessed above: CLICK HERE

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