FREE Automated Phil-IRI Form 1A and 1B

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This free Automated Phil-IRI Form 1A and 1B is our response to the tedious tasks underscored with this program. DepEd Order 14 s.2018 may have revised the Phil-IRI process but it did not take into consideration its tediousness.

What is the Phil-IRI Form 1A and 1B

The Free Automated Phil-IRI Form 1A and 1B are the forms needed to accomplish after conducting the Group Screening Test. Furthermore, the Phil-IRI GST is important in order to determine a whole class’ reading level, and identify particular students who may need more assistance in performing reading tasks.

In other words, it can tell teachers whether students are reading at, above, or below their grade levels.

In addition to that, the Phil-IRI Group Screening Test (GST) is a silently-administered test in both Filipino and English. Each tool is composed of a 20-item comprehension test based on a set of leveled passages for each grade level. The GST covers Grades 3 to 6 in Filipino and Grades 4 to 6 in English. The passages were written and selected based on concept load, level of vocabulary used, sentence complexity, nature of themes and cohesion.

1) Phil-IRI Form 1A: Talaan ng Pangkatang Pagtatasa ng Klase (PPK) sa Phil-IRI

The Phil-IRI Form 1A is for the GST in Filipino. The objectives of completing and submitting this form include the following to:

  1. identify the types of questions(literal, inferential or critical) that each child can answer;
  2. classify the students that are recommended for administration of the Phil-IRI tests,
  3. capture the reading performance of the class, thus design appropriate classroom instruction. This form includes the class list, the itemized scores of the students according to the types of questions answered, and their total score.

2) Phil-IRI Form 1B: Summary of the Phil-IRI Group Screening Test Class ReadingRecord (CRR)

This form has the same content and objectives as the Phil-IRI Form 1A. Phil-IRI Form 1B is for the GST in English.

Video tutorial on how to use Automated Phil-IRI 1A and 1B

Download Automated Phil-IRI Form 1A and 1B Here

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Checking of School Forms: DOs and DONTs

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Every last quarter of the School Year, we prepare for the checking of our School Forms. And with the release of DepEd Order (DO 11) series of 2018, it has been clarified as to:

  1. What to check in the School Level?
  2. When to check in the School Level?
  3. Should the District Level conduct checking?
  4. Who are the School Checking Committee?
  5. Who are the Division Checking Committee?

And many other questions which has been clearly stipulated within the DepEd Order.

We would also like to share to a Revised Process Flow that would explain the checking process.

School Checking List
School Level Process Flow of Checking of Forms
Division Level Checking List/Process
Division Checking Committee Process Flow
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School Calendar for SY 2018-2019 (DO 25 s. 2018)

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The long wait is over, DepEd releases the Official School Calendar for SY 2018-2019.

The 10 page long DepEd Order is yet to be published in the DepEd Website however was shared to us by our friends in the Central Office.

For those who would wish to have a copy, the images below are the exact DepEd Order which we shall comply for School year 2018-2019.

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DepEd Issues DO13 s. 2018 with Downloadable Enclosures

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The recent released DepEd Order 13 s. 2018 turns out to be a pivot point for the K to 12 Program. With this order, certain policies of the agency has been repealed and amended. To learn more about this policy, you can watch our infomercial below:


The Integrated School Form team does neither agree with this policy in total nor do are we involved in the policy making procedures of this DepEd Order. The video above was created for the purpose of information dissemination only.

For those who wish to have an editable copy of this DepEd Order’s Enclosures, please feel free to click the download links below.

DOWNLOAD ENCLOSURE 1 HERE Learners Endorsement for Summer Class

DOWNLOAD ENCLOSURE 2 HERE Parental Consent form for Summer Class


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How to Correctly Fill-Out the NEW SF10 (formerly known as Permanent Record-F137)

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There has been some few commotions regarding the filling out of the newly released SF10, Learners Permanent Record for Elementary School and/or High School. But if you actually take a good reading on DepEd Order no. 58 s. 2017, most of the common issues and concerns has already been answered there. But to summarize all these important points, here are the things you need to remember about the New SF10:

  1. As of release, the SF10 will only be used by Grades 1 and Grade 7 this SY 2017-2018. Next year, 2018-2019, the SF10 from these grade levels will be forwarded and continued until Grade 12.
  2. The class adviser will be in-charge of filling-out the data correctly as reflected in the School Form 1 and/or the Certificate of Live Birth of each student including the required documents prior entry to the said level.
  3. Scholastic Record which pertain to the learner’s academic achievement have been sectioned accordingly where all learning areas are available across Grade 1 to Grade 6 and Grade 7 to Grade 10 for Junior High School. 
  4. Each learning area, depending on the grade level, must be encoded with the final grades of each quarter respectively. In the example below, since the learner is in grade 1, certain learning areas have no entries since it is not offered on that particular period. 
  5. If for instance the student the student transferred to another school in the middle of the School Year, the school shall create another copy of the SF10 which will be a certified true copy. This certified true copy and original SF 10 shall have annotations in the remark section pertaining to the date of Transferred Out in MM/DD/YYYY format, the name of the School the student transferred to as reflected in the LIS, and the school ID of that particular school. The Original Copy of the SF 10 will be sent to the new school and the certified true copy will remain with the originating school.
Image 4: Originating School Encoded Grades before student transfers out
  • The receiving school shall copy these grades and transfer it to the succeeding box and will continue to indicate the student grades until the End of the School Year.
  • Image 5: Sample of the Original SF10 received and completed by the receiving school
  • All final rating of each learning area in the SF10 shall be rounded to the nearest whole number along with the final general average.
  • On the back portion of the SF 10, both original and certified true copies of the document shall indicate the necessary certification of eligibility of transfer of this particular student which shall be signed by the Principal or School Head along with the date and school dry seal. 
    For those who would like to have a copy of the Sample SF10 which we used in this article, you can download it below. All data which are needed to be fill-out for the Learners’ Permanent Record are already available below.

  • Download Sample SF 10 (ES) from DepEd Drive

    Alternate Link if Above is unavailable

    Download Sample SF 10 (JHS) from DepEd Drive


    Read this article to know more about the Frequently Asked Questions regarding the School Form 10 which many of our teachers encounter in the field.

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    DepEd Order 23 s.2017: EoSY Updating of LIS & EBEIS

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    The long awaited End of The School Year DepEd Order is finally here.

    This DO is very important especially in many inquiries regarding the updates on LIS and EoSY Facility. This also includes relevant information regarding the EoSY of Senior High Schools.

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