Automated Diploma Generator: Template for SY 2018-2019

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The release of DepEd Order 02, s.2019 prompted the End of the School Year Rites for SY 2018-2019. Along with this DepEd Order are templates for the Diploma and Certificates for completer(s) in the K to 12 Curriculum. As such, we provide you with our very own Automated Diploma Generator for SY 2018-2020.

Instructions on how to use this Automated Diploma Generator is available on our YouTube Video below. Also, we would like to request everyone to keep on supporting our YouTube Channel by subscribing to it. Further, the notification bell icon will keep you updated with our uploads.

How to Use the Automated Diploma Generator?

The Automated Diploma Generator relies from your SF-5 file from the LIS. Thus, you must update your LIS Classes first before using this free template.

Remember to install the Fonts that are found in the downloaded file. These fonts will used in the Diploma/Certificate template in general.

Download Links are the following:

Kindergarten Automated Diploma Generator

Elementary Sample Certificate 2019

However, we would like to inform everyone that we have yet to receive any news for the SF5-SHS LIS. This means that there’s a high chance the SHS will be encoding their SF5 manually.

Rest assured that as soon as we receive confirmation, we’ll update this article immediately.

What type of paper dimensions and quality is desired for diplomas and certificates?

Diplomas are usually printed on parchment paper with sizes and dimension that differ depending on the school. On the other hand, certificates for kindergarten, grade 6 and grade 10 are usually printed on special paper. Either way, both paper qualities are okay.

Please check the information below for desktop applications that would benefit your tasks in school. The following information provided should greatly help you along the way.

Please visit this link if you wish to download the background music used in this tutorial.

And if you don’t have a MS Office 2019 installed in your laptop, you can check on this link to download for free.

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Temporary Progress Report: Elem & JHS (Annex 4)| FREE DOWNLOAD

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Students who are currently enrolled or are registered for enrollment without school credentials aren’t issued Progress Report Cards or SF9. As such, schools will only issue Temporary Progress Reports, also known as Annex 4, for them. This is in accordance with DepEd Order 3 s. 2018Basic Education Enrollment Policy of 2018.

Temporary Progress Reports (Annex 4) are issued to all learners from Kindergarten to Senior High School. The file below is the designed Temporary Progress Report for Elementary and Junior High School learners.

As usual, the file/template is semi-automated via MS Excel and can be downloaded directly from our server using your DepEd Email Accounts. In the absence of a DepEd Email, an alternate link is provided for external source.

Take note that the Temporary Progress Report is inadmissible for transfer from the current school it is issued and is not a basis for promotion. The said file could not serve as basis for academic achievement and/or extra-curricular awards.

For those who do not have a DepEd Email, we uploaded the file on a separate google drive which has an ad service. If you wish to download the file on an external source, click the alternate link below.


The file can be downloaded below:


We also published an editable format of Annex 1 and Annex 3 which you can download on our articles here:

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Automated Diploma 2018 | DepEd Order nos. 6 and 12, s. 2018 |

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Many schools in the public education system today have small MOOE budget and it has been the vision of the Integrated School Forms website to be able to provide as much assistance as we can. We may be unable to provide financial assistance, but rest assured we will find a way to help you save your allocated funds.

Today, we would like to present to you the latest automated form in the iSF designs, the Automated Diploma Generator for the End of the School Year 2018. Teachers and School Heads will only need to download the School Form 5 (Promotional Report) from the LIS website, Copy and Paste it in the List of Students (iSF5) excel file and we’re good to go!

The file you will download below has an MS Word document which you only need to change the specific data suited for your school and division profile. The student names and LRN are auto-generated based on the List of Students (iSF5) template which you copy-pasted your LIS School Form 5. With just a few clicks, your Graduating Class of 2017-2018 are ready to print!

For an actual demonstration on how to use this template, you can watch the video down below. Please consider subscribing, and sharing the video to other teachers as well. Your YouTube Subscription to our channel will greatly help us in our goal to be able to host our own website and hopefully be able to upload and download our files without any ads soon.


To download, choose what particular grade level you are going to need. Just click the links down below:




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