FREE Automated Phil-IRI Form 1A and 1B

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This free Automated Phil-IRI Form 1A and 1B is our response to the tedious tasks underscored with this program. DepEd Order 14 s.2018 may have revised the Phil-IRI process but it did not take into consideration its tediousness.

What is the Phil-IRI Form 1A and 1B

The Free Automated Phil-IRI Form 1A and 1B are the forms needed to accomplish after conducting the Group Screening Test. Furthermore, the Phil-IRI GST is important in order to determine a whole class’ reading level, and identify particular students who may need more assistance in performing reading tasks.

In other words, it can tell teachers whether students are reading at, above, or below their grade levels.

In addition to that, the Phil-IRI Group Screening Test (GST) is a silently-administered test in both Filipino and English. Each tool is composed of a 20-item comprehension test based on a set of leveled passages for each grade level. The GST covers Grades 3 to 6 in Filipino and Grades 4 to 6 in English. The passages were written and selected based on concept load, level of vocabulary used, sentence complexity, nature of themes and cohesion.

1) Phil-IRI Form 1A: Talaan ng Pangkatang Pagtatasa ng Klase (PPK) sa Phil-IRI

The Phil-IRI Form 1A is for the GST in Filipino. The objectives of completing and submitting this form include the following to:

  1. identify the types of questions(literal, inferential or critical) that each child can answer;
  2. classify the students that are recommended for administration of the Phil-IRI tests,
  3. capture the reading performance of the class, thus design appropriate classroom instruction. This form includes the class list, the itemized scores of the students according to the types of questions answered, and their total score.

2) Phil-IRI Form 1B: Summary of the Phil-IRI Group Screening Test Class ReadingRecord (CRR)

This form has the same content and objectives as the Phil-IRI Form 1A. Phil-IRI Form 1B is for the GST in English.

Video tutorial on how to use Automated Phil-IRI 1A and 1B

Download Automated Phil-IRI Form 1A and 1B Here

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FREE Office 365 for All DepEd Personnel (Region to Schools)

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A recently released Office Memorandum informs all DepEd Personnel that they will be receiving Free Microsoft Office 365 Accounts.

Each Free Office 365 account entitles DepEd employees to have the Office 365 Suite which includes:

  1. Office Suite – Includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote.
  2. Teams – A chat based collaboration tool for group interaction.
  3. OneDrive – Cloud file storage.
  4. SharePoint – A web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office.

This Memorandum was signed last March 01, 2019. Further, a copy of this Memorandum is available below.

Click here to download the Memo

Accordingly, the deadline for validation of Regional and Division Office Employee records will be on March 22, 2019. At the same time, the Schools Division Office will administer validation of school employees. Each division must validate 1,000 records every month starting April 2019.

Regional and Division IT Officers will receive the Office 365 credentials of the employee records validated and may refer to Annex 2, attached in this memorandum.

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Automated Diploma Generator: Template for SY 2018-2019

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The release of DepEd Order 02, s.2019 prompted the End of the School Year Rites for SY 2018-2019. Along with this DepEd Order are templates for the Diploma and Certificates for completer(s) in the K to 12 Curriculum. As such, we provide you with our very own Automated Diploma Generator for SY 2018-2020.

Instructions on how to use this Automated Diploma Generator is available on our YouTube Video below. Also, we would like to request everyone to keep on supporting our YouTube Channel by subscribing to it. Further, the notification bell icon will keep you updated with our uploads.

How to Use the Automated Diploma Generator?

The Automated Diploma Generator relies from your SF-5 file from the LIS. Thus, you must update your LIS Classes first before using this free template.

Remember to install the Fonts that are found in the downloaded file. These fonts will used in the Diploma/Certificate template in general.

Download Links are the following:

Kindergarten Automated Diploma Generator

Elementary Sample Certificate 2019

However, we would like to inform everyone that we have yet to receive any news for the SF5-SHS LIS. This means that there’s a high chance the SHS will be encoding their SF5 manually.

Rest assured that as soon as we receive confirmation, we’ll update this article immediately.

What type of paper dimensions and quality is desired for diplomas and certificates?

Diplomas are usually printed on parchment paper with sizes and dimension that differ depending on the school. On the other hand, certificates for kindergarten, grade 6 and grade 10 are usually printed on special paper. Either way, both paper qualities are okay.

Please check the information below for desktop applications that would benefit your tasks in school. The following information provided should greatly help you along the way.

Please visit this link if you wish to download the background music used in this tutorial.

And if you don’t have a MS Office 2019 installed in your laptop, you can check on this link to download for free.

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Sample Detailed Action Plan Template

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Teachers, School Heads, and even Supervisors every now and then are required to make an Action Plan. But not single one template is standardized – as far as the elements go.

In short, every office, every school, every district has their own way of how to make an action plan. But the best action plan model should have all the elements in it.

What are these elements?

Among the most reoccurring elements we saw in many action plans all over the internet either have one or two of these in our list. In fact, some action plans have more than these! Which we really found odd and redundant.

Thus, we synthesized all of it and created a single template that can address the need of the author, along with the objectives.

·      Areas of Concern

Every action plan must have a concrete identification as to what are the possible problems or issues each procedure will have. By being able to identify these concerns, the ability to prevent them are higher. If the issue could not be prevented, a definite measure can be used to resolve it.

·      Activity

A specific detail as to what will be done. However, it could be presented in a general title which will later be broken down and defined through the next element.

·      Objectives

It answers the question “What will the activity achieve?”. Objectives must be S.M.A.R.T. at the very least. Specifically aligned with every cognitive, psychomotor and affective domain.

·      Inclusive Dates and Venue

The specific time and place as to where the activity should take place. The inclusive dates must also

·      Person/Organizations Responsible

This item includes all individuals or group of individuals who are involved with the activity. The list could be identified in general terms but they must be specified from which group or category they belong to.

·      Resources Needed

This may refer to material and immaterial objects. It also includes individuals or person who may be referred to as resource persons involved in the activity. All other materials that may or may not be used in the conduct of the activity can be listed here as well.

·      Community Partnership

Refers to the different community and/or stakeholders who will be working with the activity. Which also includes the end-users or the beneficiaries of the activity. The item also refers to the specific involvement of a particular group on a specific activity – which depends on the objective. 

·      Success Indicators

A quantitative data which will be the basis of objective achievement. This item must reflect that the objectives which were set are attained. It should also be presented in a measurable manner, i.e. number or percentage.

We would like to share to all of you, a Sample Action Plan Template which we have filled-in already as a guide for you on how to make your own Action Plan in the future. Each item has been sampled from start to finish. 

This Sample Action Plan is considered as pre-stage activity. This means that the activity must not deviate with the action plan. The activity may have unforeseen changes due to uncontrollable circumstances e.g. the dates and venues changed. But, the general objectives of the Action Plan must remain the same. Unless, a new action plan is to be drafted.

How To Download?

As we always do here in our website, the files are available for downloading via two (2) links. The first link is only for DepEd Email Users. If you wish to download via the first link, you must log-in to your DepEd Email account. The second link is a universal server, an alternate link. This is for those who couldn’t access the DepEd G-Drive. Both links are working fine. 

Download Link using DepEd Email Account

Alternate Link for No DepEd Email Account

Check out our other Free Downloads:

Visit our Download Page by clicking here

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Reveal WiFi Passwords for Windows

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We’ve been receiving a lot of requests on how to hack WiFi passwords. And it may sound unethical, in a country like ours, internet comes as a luxury. And for the promos our ISPs advertise, it will only get you frustrated. So, we understand why people ask us on methods on WiFi hacking.

However, we don’t patronize such activity. Since WiFi passwords targeted for hacking are mostly that from the next door neighbour. Well, we would have a different mind-set if it was from a big abusive company, but not until such request should come.

Nonetheless, for many employees and corporate men (and women), remembering WiFi passwords is such a drag. We know people actually making lists of PASSWORDS which they use to access different routers and modems. That would be very exhausting to do actually. So what if, there was an application that would immediately show us the passwords of the different routers and modems we once connected?

Then here you go, a company called The Magic Jelly Bean created an application that does it! You install the program like any other, and it will immediately run to your cached connections to show you all of the WiFi connections in your history. Now, you only to browse through the list it generate, and gets it all for you!

To download, you can click the following links below:



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Automated ECCD Checklist Version 2.3: FREE DOWNLOAD

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The Automated ECCD Checklist Version 2.3 is the latest on the automation of the early childhood care and development checklist. Furthermore, this update already integrates the Summary Reports for the Baseline (Pretest) and Summative (Posttest) Assessments.

Note: that the Automated ECCD Checklist Version 2.3 works best with Microsoft Excel 2013 and above. If you only have an MS Office 2010 and below, we suggest you to upgrade your system. Consequently, a set of instructions are available in this article to install MS Office 2019.

The video tutorial below shows how to use the Automated ECCD Checklist Version 2.1 to Version 2.3:

Download Links:

Please choose the link that fits your status. For instance, if you do not have a DepEd Email account, then use the Universal Link. On the other hand, teachers who are waiting for confirmation of their DepEd email can use the universal link as well.



Do you wish to implement this template on your division/region level?

Kindly send your requests via email to this address:

iSF Developer,
[email protected]

Kindly format your letter appropriately. At the same time, you can indicate in your letter a request to demo the file to your locale. For example, if you are near our current station, we can accommodate your requests during weekends.

On the other hand, locales outside Mindanao should consider transportation means. Especially when the conduct of workshop is scheduled during weekdays. Strict adherence to existing policies shall be implemented.

Updates and latest information regarding the file will be posted below:

As of 26 February 2019:

Teachers recommended to use School Head instead of Principal for universality.

As of 24 February 2019:
We already reduced the file size and integrated the corrections necessary for the summative results. Thank you for immediately informing us!

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Temporary Progress Report: Elem & JHS (Annex 4)| FREE DOWNLOAD

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Students who are currently enrolled or are registered for enrollment without school credentials aren’t issued Progress Report Cards or SF9. As such, schools will only issue Temporary Progress Reports, also known as Annex 4, for them. This is in accordance with DepEd Order 3 s. 2018Basic Education Enrollment Policy of 2018.

Temporary Progress Reports (Annex 4) are issued to all learners from Kindergarten to Senior High School. The file below is the designed Temporary Progress Report for Elementary and Junior High School learners.

As usual, the file/template is semi-automated via MS Excel and can be downloaded directly from our server using your DepEd Email Accounts. In the absence of a DepEd Email, an alternate link is provided for external source.

Take note that the Temporary Progress Report is inadmissible for transfer from the current school it is issued and is not a basis for promotion. The said file could not serve as basis for academic achievement and/or extra-curricular awards.

For those who do not have a DepEd Email, we uploaded the file on a separate google drive which has an ad service. If you wish to download the file on an external source, click the alternate link below.


The file can be downloaded below:


We also published an editable format of Annex 1 and Annex 3 which you can download on our articles here:

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How to Install MS Office 2019 even on an OLD Laptop for FREE!!!

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Have you ever come across a time where you really want to upgrade your Microsoft Office but you can’t due to budget constraints? Or you’re using the latest MS Office on your unit but has been disabled since you weren’t able to purchase a product key? Then here’s a good news for you! As shown in the video, we’ve decided to install MS Office 2019 on a 2011 HP Probook 6569B Model which we also decided to reformat to run on a Windows 10 Operating System. Before you begin to watch the video below, might as well read our objectives on doing this:

  1. We wanted to test if an old laptop can smoothly run Windows 10 OS.
  2. We also wanted to know if an MS Office 2019 can actually be installed on this old laptop.
  3. And most of all, we wanted to help out everyone else who really don’t have access on MS Office 2019 and are forced to stay outdated with their old applications.

Having said that, click the video below to see for yourself the installation process of MS Office 2019 on an old laptop.

Where to DOWNLOAD???

The following files used in this video are:

MS Office 2019 Retail (Installation/Setup File) which can be downloaded here:

MS OFFICE 2019 Installer

alternate link if above is unavailable

MS Office 2019 Activator File which can be downloaded here:

MS OFFICE 2019 Product Key Activator

alternate link if above is unavaible


We do not claim any rights to the MS Office 2019 Retail – Installation/Setup file since this was directly downloaded from the Microsoft Website. The activator used was a command prompt exe file which was supposed to be manually encoded within the CMD of each system, the alteration was only done to manipulate it into a Run Command Exe for easier use.

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How to Install MS Office 2016 for FREE via KMS execution

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If you’re having trouble finding a solution how to install MS Office 2016, and considering it is a paid software, we opted to provide you – for educational purposes only – (^_^) a procedure to which you can download and install MS Office 2016 on your PC or laptops.

Note that, however, we have also related posts concerning this which you can find here (Tutorial: Update your DCP Packages to Office 365 in 5 Easy Steps) and here (How to UPDATE the DepEd Computerization Packages (DCP)).

That being said, we also created a video tutorial for a quick guide on installing MS Office 2016 on your units in less than 5 minutes.


You can download the Microsoft Office 2016 installer by clicking the link below:


To help our site provide a better hosting service for everyone, please like, share and subscribe to our YouTube channel and Facebook page!

For more questions, please feel free to post them below.

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FREE Automated ECCD Checklist

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Update as of 17 August 2018:

Revision on the interpretation table suited for learners below 5 years of age as per DO 47 s. 2016 and DO 20 s.2018; cut-off age of enrollment set at August 31 of every school year.

Update as of 25 July 2018:

Corrected the “District” label in the ECCD that isn’t fetching from the class profile directory as well as the missing count in the Self-Help Domain.

Update as of 15 July 2018:

Added new downloadable Automated ECCD Checklist 2.0 which has a Class Summary Report of all ECCD Checklists. This ECCD Checklist Form 2 has a Baseline and Summative Report already which are all ready to print via Long Bond Paper (Folio 8.5×13″)

For the longest time, kindergarten teachers did not have any automated forms. Since the release of the automated e-class record last 2015, no automated file was ever released for our kindergarten curriculum. It may have taken us a while to produce one, but rest assured, this one is more than you could ask!

Watch the video below to learn more how to use this checklist.

The file can be downloaded below:


There has been a request to update the file above since Kindergarten Teachers are required to create a Summary Report on the Class ECCD Checklist known as ECCD Form 2. So we opted to incorporate the summary with the ECCD Checklist as the Automated ECCD Checklist Version 2.0 which you can download below:


This file is to be distributed for free through our website and must not be published on any other sources without the consent of the Integrated School Forms team.

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