FREE Automated ECCD Checklist

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Update as of 17 August 2018:

Revision on the interpretation table suited for learners below 5 years of age as per DO 47 s. 2016 and DO 20 s.2018; cut-off age of enrollment set at August 31 of every school year.

Update as of 25 July 2018:

Corrected the “District” label in the ECCD that isn’t fetching from the class profile directory as well as the missing count in the Self-Help Domain.

Update as of 15 July 2018:

Added new downloadable Automated ECCD Checklist 2.0 which has a Class Summary Report of all ECCD Checklists. This ECCD Checklist Form 2 has a Baseline and Summative Report already which are all ready to print via Long Bond Paper (Folio 8.5×13″)

For the longest time, kindergarten teachers did not have any automated forms. Since the release of the automated e-class record last 2015, no automated file was ever released for our kindergarten curriculum. It may have taken us a while to produce one, but rest assured, this one is more than you could ask!

Watch the video below to learn more how to use this checklist.

The file can be downloaded below:


There has been a request to update the file above since Kindergarten Teachers are required to create a Summary Report on the Class ECCD Checklist known as ECCD Form 2. So we opted to incorporate the summary with the ECCD Checklist as the Automated ECCD Checklist Version 2.0 which you can download below:


This file is to be distributed for free through our website and must not be published on any other sources without the consent of the Integrated School Forms team.

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