Revised Phil-IRI Guidelines (DepEd Order 14 s. 2018) with FREE Templates

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The Philippine Informal Reading Inventory (Phil-IRI) which was first launched more than five-years ago (click here to view previous Phil-IRI conduct) under the initiative of the Bureau of Learning Delivery has released a revised guidelines and manual for the administering procedures, including the conduct of assessment of Phil-IRI. These guidelines which are enclosed within DepEd Order 14 s. 2018Policy Guidelines on the Administration of the Revised Philippine Informal Reading Inventory.

In summary, the new guidelines included a new Diagnostic Assessment which is called Group Screening Test (GST). All of those who failed the GST – which is a pen and paper test – will be the only ones to undergo the Phil-IRI procedures. This includes Oral and Silent Reading for English and Filipino. The Revised Guidelines also introduced Phil-IRI for Grade 2 – Filipino which was not the case previously. To learn more about these procedures, you can download the Revised Phil-IRI Manual through the LRMDS Portal or via clicking the link here.

And as usual, we in the Integrated School Forms always aims to make the teachers’ tasks a lot easier so we opted to make the Phil-IRI Templates automated, easy to print and stand-alone files.

Phil-IRI Form 1A (Group Screening Test Record)

Phil-IRI Form 1A is classified into two (2) reports; English and Filipino. Below, you can download these two forms in one single file.


Phil-IRI Form 2 (School Reading Profile/Talaan ng Paaralan sa Pagbabasa)

Phil-IRI Form 2 is an automated single sheet School Reading Profile which automatically adds new rows depending on the number of sections available on each grade level. The file also has English and Filipino templates summary for the school reading profile.


Phil-IRI Form 3A and Phil-IRI Form 3B (Grade Level Passage Rating Sheet)

Phil-IRI Form 3A and 3B are included in a single file excel template. Known as the Grade Level Passage Rating Sheet in English and Markahang Papel ng Panggradong Lebel na Teksto in Filipino. The template is automated to compute the Reading Level for your students, all you need to do is to indicate the scores of your learners in the areas marked red.


Phil-IRI Form 4 (Individual Summary Record)

Phil-IRI Form 4 is another automated template which computes the word reading and comprehension of your learner. Like the Automated Phil-IRI Form3A and 3B above, you only need to indicate the data to the areas marked red.


We already edited the Answer Sheets needed in the conduct of the Revised Phil-IRI which you can download individually depending on the Grade Level you are handling.

  1. Phil-IRI Answer Sheet in Filipino (Grade 2): Appendix F1A Download Link
  2. Phil-IRI Answer Sheet in English and Filipino (Grade 3) Appendix F2A & F2B Download Link
  3. Phil-IRI Answer Sheet in English and Filipino (Grade 4) Appendix F3A & F3B Download Link
  4. Phil-IRI Answer Sheet in English and Filipino (Grade 5) Appendix F4A & F4B Download Link
  5. Phil-IRI Answer Sheet in English and Filipino (Grade 6) Appendix F4A & F4B Download Link
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  1. Good day can you please send me the password of the spreadsheet via my personal email thanks. I’m hoping to your response.

    Thank You!

    1. The file has been downloaded by many teachers already. If when you download a file and it’s corrupted, then the patched file within your system corrupts the file and not the other way around. Our files are widely distributed and are safe.

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