How to Correctly Fill-Out the NEW SF10 (formerly known as Permanent Record-F137)

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There has been some few commotions regarding the filling out of the newly released SF10, Learners Permanent Record for Elementary School and/or High School. But if you actually take a good reading on DepEd Order no. 58 s. 2017, most of the common issues and concerns has already been answered there. But to summarize all these important points, here are the things you need to remember about the New SF10:

  1. As of release, the SF10 will only be used by Grades 1 and Grade 7 this SY 2017-2018. Next year, 2018-2019, the SF10 from these grade levels will be forwarded and continued until Grade 12.
  2. The class adviser will be in-charge of filling-out the data correctly as reflected in the School Form 1 and/or the Certificate of Live Birth of each student including the required documents prior entry to the said level.
  3. Scholastic Record which pertain to the learner’s academic achievement have been sectioned accordingly where all learning areas are available across Grade 1 to Grade 6 and Grade 7 to Grade 10 for Junior High School. 
  4. Each learning area, depending on the grade level, must be encoded with the final grades of each quarter respectively. In the example below, since the learner is in grade 1, certain learning areas have no entries since it is not offered on that particular period. 
  5. If for instance the student the student transferred to another school in the middle of the School Year, the school shall create another copy of the SF10 which will be a certified true copy. This certified true copy and original SF 10 shall have annotations in the remark section pertaining to the date of Transferred Out in MM/DD/YYYY format, the name of the School the student transferred to as reflected in the LIS, and the school ID of that particular school. The Original Copy of the SF 10 will be sent to the new school and the certified true copy will remain with the originating school.
Image 4: Originating School Encoded Grades before student transfers out
  • The receiving school shall copy these grades and transfer it to the succeeding box and will continue to indicate the student grades until the End of the School Year.
  • Image 5: Sample of the Original SF10 received and completed by the receiving school
  • All final rating of each learning area in the SF10 shall be rounded to the nearest whole number along with the final general average.
  • On the back portion of the SF 10, both original and certified true copies of the document shall indicate the necessary certification of eligibility of transfer of this particular student which shall be signed by the Principal or School Head along with the date and school dry seal. 
    For those who would like to have a copy of the Sample SF10 which we used in this article, you can download it below. All data which are needed to be fill-out for the Learners’ Permanent Record are already available below.

  • Download Sample SF 10 (ES) from DepEd Drive

    Alternate Link if Above is unavailable

    Download Sample SF 10 (JHS) from DepEd Drive


    Read this article to know more about the Frequently Asked Questions regarding the School Form 10 which many of our teachers encounter in the field.

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    14 thoughts on “How to Correctly Fill-Out the NEW SF10 (formerly known as Permanent Record-F137)”

    1. My question is that, what if the child took his/her kindergarten from other school. Should we write the name of his/her previous school under credential presented, or it should be the name of the present school where they r enrolled? Thanks

    2. Good evening po..Its stated in the instruction above, that data are to be encoded..However, the form is being forwarded yearly based on grade level. So, it only means, that there is only one SF 10 to be used. How can we encode the grades when we are to used only 1 form? We need to do it manually, right? Handwritten?

      1. either of the two works and is accepted. If the school can encode the succeeding grade levels electronically without distorting the printed format of the previous school years then it is okay. Manual encoding i.e. hand-written format is also accepted.

      1. you will only need to tick the credentials presented based on what was submitted. if there was no document presented, then you can tick the item off.

    3. Good Afternoon po, May I ask what is Other Specify and Remarks at Credentials? We currently doing System for our Thesis po kasi and SF10-ES is related to it. So we need to know po a thorough study about it for our datagather thanks po! Hoping to your immediate response po. Godbless!

        1. Hello, my question is, do we have to write all the grades in each grading period? Bcoz the memo said that sf10 should not be prepared quarterly to avoid erasure in the documents by ensuring that only final grades are recorded. Or only the final rating lang ang isusulat… Thanks

          1. DO 58 s. 2017 stated that the preparation of the quarterly grades including the final graded average should be done during the end of the School Year. This was referring to the frequency of encoding the grades from the previous practice of per grading period to the end of the school year only. But it does not mean you will not encode the data for each quarter. There has been a published video tutorial on that on our YouTube channel along with the 10 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on SF10 preparation. Kindly check that out for more information.

    4. Hi po, may question po ako. What if si student ay nagaral ng Grade 1 in SY 2017-2018 tapos hanggang 2nd qtr lang siya at nagstop. Tapos nagcontinue po siya magaral on the next school year which is 2018-2019. Iccopy ko lang din po ba yung grade na nakuha niya last school year? o magkakaroon na po siya ng panibagong grades for the said quarters kasi ibang school year na siya? Thank you po! 🙂

      1. During SY 2017-2018, the performance of the aforementioned student should have been recorded in the SF10. In the next SY, his/her new performance should be encoded in the succeeding box.

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